11 Awesome Crochet Stitches

     As a crochet fanatic, I love to learn new patterns and stitches. It's fun to test the "limits" of my crochet ability and see what unique things I can come up with. So, for anyone who can relate to me, I have compiled a list of 11 awesome stitches for you to try.



Cross-Over Long Double Crochet

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10 Free Crochet Tote Patterns

     Summer is officially here! A couple days ago, all this warm weather awakened a new need inside of me: the need for a new purse. Most of you women have probably felt this kind of an itch before, but instead of just taking a trip to the mall this time around I decided to make my own. Little did I know that there were so many great (and free) patterns for summer purses/totes. So, I've decided to share some of them with you.

     The only one I have tried so far is the first one listed ("Crochet Market Tote"), but I am excited to try out the others! If you make any of these totes, please email me your pictures, and I will post them to the Cottontail Crochet Facebook Page

Happy Crocheting!

If you liked these, be sure to check out my Design blog for lots of other fun freebies every week!

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Doing What You Love

     Everybody's story starts somewhere, and mine starts with my aunt Kathy. Like most little kids, my best friends were my cousins, and playing at their house was about as fun as it got! When I was about five years old my aunt was teaching her daughters how to crochet: not to bested, I wanted in on this too. Being the patient woman she is, my aunt Kathy instructed me, at a painfully slow rate, how to do a few simple stitches. After a few days I could successfully makes "snakes," or "chains" as they are called and could work a mean single crochet. Using this knowledge, I made scarves, and the beginnings of numerous poorly crafted blankets.

I spent the 90's making hundreds of these things.

     Years later, I set a goal to make a full size blanket for my bed. Once again, my aunt helped me through the process, this time teaching me a variety of new stitches. It took me about three years to complete, but I finished the blanket and have cherished it so much that no one is allowed to use it!
     At the age of twenty, I married the love of my life: a handsome, LDS, vegetarian, comedian, who celebrates Lent.

     He's also a business marketing major who thrives on entrepreneurialism, and even before getting married he was always looking for ways to turn everything into a business.
     One day, I decided to revisit crochet, but was quickly reminded of my limited ability. So, like anyone looking to learn something they can't figure out on their own; I turned to YouTube. Quickly I learned how to make all sorts of adorable handmade items, and in the process, I even learned how to read crochet patterns!
     Naturally, when my husband learned of my increasing skill his first thought was, "How can we make this into a business?" And Cottontail Crochet was born!

     We both knew going into it that this most likely wouldn't result in enough money to buy us a beach house or furnish us with a retirement fund (although we sure wouldn't be disappointed it if did ;), but he reassured me that even if we didn't make a dime, that it will be worth it because I am developing in a skill that I enjoy and love.

~ Miss Mandee

How to Make a Cute Crochet Hair Bow

Difficulty: Easy
  • ch = chain 
  • sc = single crochet
You will need: 
  • Yarn
  • 3.75mm (American size F) Crochet Hook
  • Bobby Pin or Hair Clip
  • Hot Glue Gun

1. ch7, sc in 2nd ch from hook and across (6sts)

2-18. ch1, turn, sc across (6sts)

19. Fold the rectangle in half, then slip stitch together, bind off, weave in ends

20. ch3, sc in 2nd ch from hook (2sts)

21-26. ch1, turn, sc across (2sts)

27. Bind off then gather the centre of the bow, tightly stitch the small rectangle you've just made around  the gather.

Place your bobby pin or hair clip on your bow, and add a dab of hot glue to secure it.

And there you have it! Wear you adorable handmade bow with pride.

I'd love to see your finished hair bow! Email me a picture at cottontailcrochet@gmail.com and I will post it to the
Cottontail Crochet Facebook page.

Open for Business!

     I did it: I opened my Etsy shop! Check it out. A lot of planning has gone into this, and I'm so excited that it's finally happening! And there are still plenty of cute items to come. I can't wait to get the first order so that I can really get to work.

Here's a taste of the cute things up for sale now!

     One thing that I really wanted to focus on was giving customers the opportunity to customize their orders. When looking at how other crochet shops sell their products, I noticed that many of them were "what you see is what you get." I figure that if I am branding my products as made-to-order, then I might as well make them in the colors and sizes people want. That way, if a mother wants a headband for her baby, she could also get one for an older child to match (wouldn't that just make the cutest picture!). Etsy provides some limitations in this regard, but I've done my best to get around them:)

     Now that Cottontail Crochet is officially "Open for Business," I can do all kinds of fun things! One idea I have in the works at the moment is a giveaway through Facebook. I'm planning on holding a little contest for everyone and giving away one of my own handmade items (in the color of their choice of course)! So, stay tuned and LIKE my Facebook page for the details to come.

~Miss Mandee