Open for Business!

     I did it: I opened my Etsy shop! Check it out. A lot of planning has gone into this, and I'm so excited that it's finally happening! And there are still plenty of cute items to come. I can't wait to get the first order so that I can really get to work.

Here's a taste of the cute things up for sale now!

     One thing that I really wanted to focus on was giving customers the opportunity to customize their orders. When looking at how other crochet shops sell their products, I noticed that many of them were "what you see is what you get." I figure that if I am branding my products as made-to-order, then I might as well make them in the colors and sizes people want. That way, if a mother wants a headband for her baby, she could also get one for an older child to match (wouldn't that just make the cutest picture!). Etsy provides some limitations in this regard, but I've done my best to get around them:)

     Now that Cottontail Crochet is officially "Open for Business," I can do all kinds of fun things! One idea I have in the works at the moment is a giveaway through Facebook. I'm planning on holding a little contest for everyone and giving away one of my own handmade items (in the color of their choice of course)! So, stay tuned and LIKE my Facebook page for the details to come.

~Miss Mandee

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