Doing What You Love

     Everybody's story starts somewhere, and mine starts with my aunt Kathy. Like most little kids, my best friends were my cousins, and playing at their house was about as fun as it got! When I was about five years old my aunt was teaching her daughters how to crochet: not to bested, I wanted in on this too. Being the patient woman she is, my aunt Kathy instructed me, at a painfully slow rate, how to do a few simple stitches. After a few days I could successfully makes "snakes," or "chains" as they are called and could work a mean single crochet. Using this knowledge, I made scarves, and the beginnings of numerous poorly crafted blankets.

I spent the 90's making hundreds of these things.

     Years later, I set a goal to make a full size blanket for my bed. Once again, my aunt helped me through the process, this time teaching me a variety of new stitches. It took me about three years to complete, but I finished the blanket and have cherished it so much that no one is allowed to use it!
     At the age of twenty, I married the love of my life: a handsome, LDS, vegetarian, comedian, who celebrates Lent.

     He's also a business marketing major who thrives on entrepreneurialism, and even before getting married he was always looking for ways to turn everything into a business.
     One day, I decided to revisit crochet, but was quickly reminded of my limited ability. So, like anyone looking to learn something they can't figure out on their own; I turned to YouTube. Quickly I learned how to make all sorts of adorable handmade items, and in the process, I even learned how to read crochet patterns!
     Naturally, when my husband learned of my increasing skill his first thought was, "How can we make this into a business?" And Cottontail Crochet was born!

     We both knew going into it that this most likely wouldn't result in enough money to buy us a beach house or furnish us with a retirement fund (although we sure wouldn't be disappointed it if did ;), but he reassured me that even if we didn't make a dime, that it will be worth it because I am developing in a skill that I enjoy and love.

~ Miss Mandee

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