Crochet Patterns For Baby

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  1. Awh these are adorable! thanks for including my baby cardigan pattern :)

  2. Hello! I entered a question for you and when I clicked Preview, the comment/question disappeared. If I shows up, I apologize, however, I do think your opinion will be very valuable to my project.
    I donate to different charities and I am adding another to my list, dog snuggles for animal shelters. Unlike donations for preemies to hospitals and Project Linus, softness isn't the first concern with the yarn. I will probably use Super Saver Soft and the only thing left to decide is the stitch! I've been looking at Basketweave, Star/Daisy stitch and crossover long double crochet as I am looking for a stitch that will give me a thicker and more comfortable pad for the animals. One other concern, I'm looking for a stitch that is not too difficult to learn; I want to get started!
    Which stitch would you suggest, how many strands (one or two) and any advice to minimize my learning curve. Thank you, so very much. Your patterns and just the design of your pages are so wonderful and inspiring. Email; the contact below is incorrect. Thanks, again!